Best Par 4’s in Fargo-Moorhead

The list of Par 4’s are as follows:

#4 @ The Meadows

This tee shot requires power and precision at the same time. It is driveable with the correct wind, but water looms to the left and bunkers galore on the right. The green is very difficult.  A if you do not hit the correct side you are left with a long putt up a hill or down a hill with huge break.

#15 @ The Meadows

The shear length of this hole makes it difficult. It measures over 454 yards with a dog leg to the right. The green has three different levels and the threat of a three putts looms all the time.

#7 @ Village Green

This hole forces you to shape your tee shot as huge fairway bunkers are found to the left and right side of the fairway 200 yards out. The hole dog legs to the right and if you do not hit the ball far enough you are left with a long second shot to a large but multi-tiered green.

#14 @ Rose Creek

Water on the right side of the fairway makes this dog leg right difficult hole. The water runs all the way to the green making a shot that fades too much a scuba divers treasure trove. The green has a lot of contour and bunkers will catch short approach shots.

#7 @ Edgewood

This par four is another dog leg right. It forces you to make a good club selection off of the tee as a ball hit to long and through the fairway will catch trees and make for a difficult second shot. A severely sloped green from back to front also provides for an exhausting close to the hole.

#2 @ Village Green

An easy tee shot, but long second shot into a green with water in front and all the way around the right side make this hole difficult. Everytime I set up for my second shot I worry about the ball fading too much and landing in the water. This green is typically firm which makes the long second shot roll out rather than stopping quickly.

#6 @ FCC

Shaping the tee shot is extremely important on this hole as a bunker in the fairway can come into play depending on the tees you are playing. The second shot is straight forward and the green is not difficult. What makes this hole difficult is playing the back tees. In case you have never seen it, the rear tee box is almost on the property line a solid 75 plus yards behind the normal rear tees.

#10 @ FCC

Trees on the left and the downhill left to right sloped fairway make the placement of the tee shot important. A back to front sloped green and no bail out left also challenge the second shot. This is a very fun hole to play!

#9 @ Oxbow

Not a difficult tee shot, but the second shot is trouble. The green sets up lower than the fairway and water is found in front of it along with a bunker in front and a bunker in the back. I have trouble judging the distance as the hill and the clubhouse create an optical illusion.

Let me know what you think or if you think another hole is better let me know.




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  1. Rob Beer says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Most of these holes are not extremely long but can play differently depending on wind direction. As much as I hate the 15th at Meadows, it’s bulk is minimized when you catch a downwind day and have 9-iron left. A very rewarding birdie when you can make one. Good list.

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