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Is it just me or is the PGA Tour incredibly boring since Tiger has been MIA? I have zero interest in watching any golf except the majors. There is not a single golfer that interests me or excites me other than Tiger. I feel he has spoiled us all with what he did from 97-08.

I have been watching the PGA Tour since 1986 and I came up with a list of golfer I was excited to watch in any tournament. I came up with the following:

Greg Norman 1986-1996
Fred Couples 1992-1996
John Daly 1991-2000
Tiger Woods 1996-present

Not one of the young guns on tour get my juices flowing. They are all robotic and without any emotion. Tiger has gotten boring since he scaled back his celebrations after big shots.

What am I missing?

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I am a golfer wondering about the opinion of others on golf related subjects....and I am related to Ty Webb.
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One Response to PGA Tour Interest

  1. Cy Cyr says:

    You’re not missing anything. I feel the same way about these young golfers. The tour is very boring since Tiger went MIA. Maybe since he had a good tournament in Australia, we’ll be seeing his name more.

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